Edward Chiu
Co-Founder & CEO



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  1. Edward’s key strengths are big-picture thinking, relationship-building, and leading with empathy. Edward founded Catalyst because he had built out a new Customer Success (CS) tool when he was leading the CS team at DigitalOcean, and he knew it had the potential to go way beyond DigitalOcean and reshape how CS teams across the tech industry worked every day. As a leader, he always keeps the big-picture in mind to drive every decision the company makes. He does an excellent job communicating the long-term vision to the whole company, which ensures everyone is motivated and knows exactly what they are working towards building and why. Edward is also an incredibly strong relationship-builder, which is one of the reasons why he was so successful leading DigitalOcean’s CS team, and why he excels as a CEO today. He not only builds phenomenal relationships with customers and investors, but he focuses on building authentic relationships with employees and community members as well, which has a huge impact on the company and its culture. Finally, and arguably most importantly, Edward is extremely authentic and empathetic. He has made mental health and wellness a cornerstone of the Catalyst culture, and he leads by example every day. He speaks openly about any mental health struggles he’s going through, he takes time off regularly to spend with his family, and he’s implemented company-wide mental health days across the company. This strength is not something exemplified by many CEOs, however it has shaped our company values around transparency, selflessness, and placing customers at the center. These values have created an amazing company culture that empowers employees to do their best work and still have a great work-life balance. With these three strengths, Edward has made Catalyst the leading Customer Success tool on the market, with an incredibly happy and motivated team behind him.

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