Ellen Bunton
Vice President of Assurance and Support



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Ellen is the Vice President of Assurance and Support and joined the Vistex team in 2004. Ellen’s drive at Vistex revolves around the goals of her team – ensuring a positive user experience and satisfaction in all customer interactions. Whether transitioning through an upgrade or working through a technical product support issue, she and her team assist our customers until desired results are successfully achieved.



  1. Ellen has long exemplified a level of commitment to the company that can serve as a model for others. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. She plays a major role in the new Vistex releases. Ellen is always step ahead of the game. She brings true professional attributes to Vistex and genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. Ellen tackles large and complicated projects in the department with a confident, and graceful determination. Works extra hours and never has “No’ for an answer; she always make time for her employees. She is very much loved, appreciated and respected company -wide. Whenever she is called out for her amazing work on the project, she makes it clear that it is a group effort; never wanting to take all the credit. She always tries to stay upbeat, look for positive outcomes or compromises in difficult circumstances, and focus on the good.

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