Enrico Palmerinao
Founder and CEO



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Enrico Palmerinao is the Founder and CEO of Botkeeper. Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to accounting firms by using a powerful combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and skilled accountants. Palmerinao has 1o years in the accounting industry. He began his career in 2011.

Before joining Botkeeper, Palmerinao was a managing director at SmartBooks Corp. and before that a CEO at ThinkLite LLC. Earlier in his career he worked with Integration Partners as a business developer.

Palmerinao graduated from Babson College with an undergraduate degree in quantitative methods, strategic management, entrepreneurship.



  1. Enrico is a big-picture thinker with a strategic mindset, always taking into account what’s best for his employees, customers, and investors. His compassion for family, personal life, and employee wellness are notable, learning from the people and culture he surrounds himself with so he can continuously evolve as an outstanding leader. Enrico is a hard-working, dedicated, and caring entrepreneur and individual. He often jokes that the key to his success is not simply setting goals or knowing the path to accomplish them, but rather working incessantly toward them. Enrico gives 100% of himself to the company and the team he’s building. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dive into the weeds, regularly jumping from board meetings to accounting process workflows, client support calls, sales presentations, interviews, and code review. Additionally, Enrico puts great emphasis on ensuring that the Botkeeper client base is happy. Part of that initiative involves regular meetings with accounting partner firms each quarter to ensure that internal teams are aligned and working together to reach stated goals. These meetings, as well as periodic product-oriented surveys, help the company refine its tech road map each year and refocus on the most pertinent and beneficial feature releases for accounting partner firms. Enrico’s lead by example approach allows him to easily form meaningful connections, which has undoubtedly helped shape the warm and welcoming company culture that has Botkeeper consistently ranking high for employee satisfaction (4.55/5 as of Feb. 2021). And his openness to feedback and desire for constant improvement personally and thematically across the company has empowered employees to feel a sense of ownership of the technology and services Botkeeper offers, as they help shape it through feedback and ideation.

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