Eran Fine
Nanolock Security



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  1. Eran strength are his vision and ability to envision things that are beyond the horizon and drive the team to be ready with breakthrough technology in the right timing. Eran is inspiring the team drive executives, team leaders and other employees to bring their best and to work as a team. Eran’s ability to articulate very complicated – high knowledge items to non-technical customers and decision makers is paramount in the company’s ability to sign new high profile customers and partners as well as venture capital and strategic investors. Eran has an outstanding sense of humor (he has a history of creating successful comedy TV shows) which enable him to deal with complicated, intel personal situations in a way that defuses conflicts and drive collaboration. he’s a true leader. A Podcast of INTEL & Eran Fine can be found here:

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  2. Eran is an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive with more than 20 years of international experience in founding¸ fundraising, managing, and leading high-tech companies. He is excellent at identifying and executing strategy based on trends and opportunities in the cybersecurity market, and his latest company, NanoLock Security, continues to grow and has partnered with leading utilities, service providers, and vendors.

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  3. Eran is as skilled a cybersecurity executive as I’ve ever worked with, able to expertly understand the gaps in the market and how his company can address them with novel solutions. His background in humor also allows him to connect on an interpersonal level with executives from partner firms, something that has allowed NanoLock to connect with a wide range of other companies in and outside their space.

    Staff, submitted on

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