Erika Klein
VP of R&D
Global Shop Solutions



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Erika Klein is the VP of R&D of Global Shop Solutions. Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time, every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more.



  1. Over the past two decades, Erika has significantly impacted the growth of Global Shop Solutions by leading the design, development, and commercial release of their entire ERP package, which consists of over 30 applications. She accomplished this by hiring, motivating, coaching, growing, and leading nearly 100 R&D employees across four teams. Thanks to Erika’s ongoing efforts to seek out and promote women to the manager level in R&D, Global Shop Solutions has had many women on staff as managers for years now, which is not the industry norm. Once these women reach the managerial level, Erika continues to mentor and support them in achieving their career goals. A firm believer in the importance of work/life balance for women in manufacturing, Erika supports flexible work schedules for her managers and allows them to do the same with the people that report to them. She also allows for remote work when circumstances require R&D employees to move away from the Global Shop Solutions headquarters. The flexibility and support in these situations have enabled many women to continue and advance in their careers. On a personal level, Erika has touched thousands of lives at work and in the Houston area . She actively seeks out women in the workplace to learn about their career goals and talk about what they’re working on. She regularly checks in with her R&D managers to see how the women that report to them are doing. At the community level, where Erika leads and supports many charity and volunteer causes, including FeedONE, Sunshine Spaces, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Drives, American Heart Association and more.

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