Erin Reeves
VP of Human Resources



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Erin Reeves is the VP of Human Resources of Airship. Reeves has 24 years in the technology industry. She began his/her career in 1997. Airship creates deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel.

Before joining Airship, Reeves was an associate at MBL Group, LLC and before that she held an HR management roles at VTech and Ensequence. Earlier in her career he worked with Household International as an HR manager.

Reeves graduated from Portland State University with an undergraduate degree in business administration.



  1. With empathy, candor and humor Erin has been scaling Airship for over 7 years including more than doubling the number of countries with offices to fuel its global expansion. Erin’s leadership in Airship’s commitment to Values and Diversity, her influence in hiring, acquisitions, creating and re-creating sustainable people systems, and in supporting and enabling employee groups, has helped cultivate Airship’s culture. Most recently, Erin has been the executive sponsor for a cross-functional “Culture of Collaboration” team dedicated to identifying and operationalizing ways to enhance effective communication and collaboration across all levels of the company. Erin is transparent and inclusive, seeks to understand differences and bridge the gap, cares deeply about people and experiences outside her own, is an avid learner willing to make and own mistakes, as well as do things differently as a result. Erin is consistently compassionate and communicates with candor to get to the heart of issues. She plays a key role in defining Airship’s approach to COVID-era workplace policies designed to provide employees with flexibility in how and where they work to enable them to balance their own well-being, safety, personal lives and commitments to work.

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