Eva Savelsberg
SVP Terminal & Distribution Center Logistics Division, member of the board



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Eva joined INFORM GmbH in 2022 as SVP Terminal and Distribution Center Logistics Division. INFORM Software specializes in software with intelligent optimization logic to increase productivity of operational processes.

Previously, she was a Division Manager – Product Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

She graduated from RWTH Aachen University with an undergraduate degree, doctoral and post doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering.



  1. Dr. Eva Savelsberg has proven to be a formidable, multifaceted leader who contributes greatly on many fronts. Within INFORM, she is a leader who brings out the best in her team members; relentlessly asking them to excel on every project. This pursuit of excellence has resulted in the delivery of infinitely better outcomes. A forward-thinking individual, she is always challenging the status quo, seeking better ways to do things for the advancement of INFORM, its customers, and the market at large. She has been at the forefront of several dynamic initiatives designed to further strengthen INFORM’s market position and the future resiliency of the maritime industry. Among these initiatives are ones designed to attract and advance Millennials into the maritime industry, help children learn about the supply chain, and afford more opportunities for women leaders within the maritime sector. In addition to her role at INFORM, Dr. Savelsberg is a well-respected lecturer at the prominent RWTH University where she shares her vast knowledge on logistics. She has authored five books, 70-100 papers, and co-authored a work of fiction centered on the future maritime industry and technology’s impact. For many years, she has been in high demand as a presenter for leading industry conferences worldwide. Finally, her caring for, encouragement, and recognition of her team members is another marked strength of Dr. Savelsberg. As she empowers them and pushes them to their full potential, she also makes certain that they are given the full recognition they deserve for their achievements; the mark of an unselfish, astute leader.

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