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  1. It’s my honor to nominate Eyal Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Stampli for the Top 50 SaaS CEOs. Eyal has a clear vision for the future of Stampli and is a true innovator in SaaS and B2B Fintech space. In just the last year, while leading a remote team due to COVID, Eyal has led the company through some massive milestones including: the launch of Stampli Direct Pay platform, achieving 3X revenue growth, and a $50M Series C raise that tripled the company’s valuation. Eyal sets expectations around collaboration from top-to-bottom. He’s also a big believer in giving his team members the credit they deserve, establishing an quarterly Excellence Award for employees that go above and beyond with a $5000 net bonus. Eyal encourages everyone in the company to know that if they have an idea for how we can do something better or see a problem coming down the road, then it’s not just their responsibility but also our collective responsibility. We are all accountable for the success of the company. This has created a culture of trust where employees feel like they can speak up and share ideas openly with one another instead of waiting until there’s panic before rushing into meetings trying to solve problems as fast as possible. “I think a lot of people have really good ideas, but the hardest part is getting them out there,” he says. “We’re trying to make it safe and comfortable for everybody.” Eyal knows it is not enough for him to simply say ‘trust me,’ instead he listens closely for anything that people are struggling with or not satisfied with. He actively meets with each company employee twice a year for a CEO chat, where he can hear feedback directly from employees. “We’ve intentionally created an open dialogue and a culture where it’s okay for you to come in, even if I’m the last person you feel like just talking to,” he says. “Even at my level.” He is an empathetic, decisive leader open to new ideas and breaking the mold of how things should be done. He knows employees are the key to customer happiness and happy customers are the key to Stampli’s continued success. These are just a few examples of what makes Eyal an excellent choice for the Top SaaS CEO.

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  2. According to his colleagues, Eyal possesses a number of key leadership strengths: 1) Empathetic: Eyal truly cares about each Stampli team member. He makes a concerted effort to understand each employee, their motivations, their professional goals, and is sensitive to everyone’s own unique situation (especially during the current pandemic). He genuinely wants to help bring out the best in people and does everything he can to help them succeed. 2) Decisive, Yet Open to Others’ Opinions: Eyal has a clear vision on how and why he wants Stampli to succeed. Yet while he often provides insights and thoughts on ways to achieve that success, he is very open to hearing and executing on other solutions or plans. He welcomes debate – not to win, but to find the best way forward. He will be the first to tell you that he is not always right and highlight the importance of a good debate in order to get to a good decision. 3) Solid and Clear Communicator: Unlike many CEOs, Eyal is an open book and is always honest in his communications and transparent with his intentions. He does not speak in vague terms and there are no hidden messages to decipher. His communication style is straightforward, upfront and always fair. 4) Empowers His Employees: Eyal encourages every team member to not only speak their mind and provide opinions, but challenges them to examine other angles and seek new responsibilities. He empowers people to dive deep into a problem and stretch their own thinking while also providing them with a safe space for debate, experimentation and failure.

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