Eynav Azarya



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As Chief Executive Officer for Panorama Software, Eynav is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the organization. Prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer, Eynav was VP of International Sales and Partnerships, overseeing revenue generation and international partner relationships while driving customer success.

Before joining Panorama in 2001, Eynav was Chief Operating Officer for BrowseUp Inc., creator of a collaborative Web publishing tool that supports knowledge management processes, where he led worldwide company operations including R&D, finance, sales and marketing. Prior to BrowseUp, Eynav served as campaign manager for the Israeli Labor Party and also served as the CEO of the International Center for Peace in the Middle East. Eynav holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Industrial Engineering from the Academic College of Engineering, Tel Aviv University.



  1. He is a visionary and thought leader. Eynav knows exactly where to lead the company to bring great success for all of us, plus he is an excellent human being and connects to all of his employees in an approachable and friendly way, to the point that a visitor once came to the office and asked me who the CEO is, and when I told her she was surprised “The CEO sits here with all of you to discuss things and not in his big office? I thought he was just another employee” and that in my opinion is very valuable.

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