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As Chief Human Resources Officer at Docebo, Francesca Bossi brings her years of experience as a skilled human resources manager and her demonstrated background in the e-learning industry to the service learning management systems company. Francesca has risen from Knowledge Manager to HR Manager to CHRO in her almost seven year tenure with Docebo. She has built a human resources infrastructure from scratch, growing the organization’s global family from just 15 employees to over 300.

Francesca thrives on the challenges that come with high-growth, aggressive global expansion, and supporting her people around the world to rise to their full potential. She began her career as a training, development and e-learning specialist, holding key roles at Esselunga, AlmavivA and the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. She received her degree from the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca.



  1. Francesca is by a landslide, the most inspirational female leader I have yet to see in my experience in the SaaS industry. Her ambition, aptitude and get-it-done nature, while consistently employing empathy across anything she touches in the organization is clear to all who have worked with her in her role as Chief Human Resources Officer. Francesca has developed and grown Docebo from a 10 person company, to over 300 employees spanning across global offices in Italy, London, Toronto, Athens, Georgia and Dubai. In my time at Docebo, I have observed Franscesca’s willingness to understand and connect deeply with the wants and needs of Docebo’s employees. In doing so, she, along with her team, have created dozens of employee benefit initiatives that have impacted mothers, families, and those employees who are not just looking for a workplace, but a home. Francesca continues to break the ceiling each day, growing the people that will call themselves “Docebians” for life, and the organization into the world leading SaaS product that it is today. The creation of a true “global” family is not an easy feat – and one that Francesca has played a pivotal role in creating.

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