Frank Ruffolo
EPAY Systems


Overall Rank: 21

Top SaaS CEOs 2018


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Frank Ruffolo is the Chief Executive Officer of EPAY Systems. Under his leadership, EPAY has quickly become one of the leading cloud-based time and attendance providers for employers with a distributed workforce.

Since joining EPAY in 2009, Frank has continued his 20+ year track record of successfully executing transformation strategies for technology companies, leading EPAY into double-digit revenue growth in his first year alone. And because of this continued growth and through his leadership he was named a Top 50 SaaS CEO by the SaaS Report.

Prior to joining EPAY, Frank served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CIMCO Communications, where he drove revenue growth more than 3x the industry average. Before joining CIMCO Communications, Frank played a crucial role in rapidly transforming InterCall from a $10 million web conferencing company to a $250 million communications powerhouse. He also served as Vice President of Sales for and ePredix, a global provider of software assessment tools.

Frank earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Elmhurst College and his Masters of Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.



  1. Respect- Frank treats every employee he interacts with on the same level of respect, whether you’re a C Level or a part-time janitor. He treats everyone with the same amount of respect. He also truly cares for all of his employees on a personal level. My best friend and roommate passed away a couple weeks ago and he was one of the first employees to approach me to offer condolences and assistance in any way. I truly respect him for that. He also in an incredible salesman. He has helped me with so many clients in the past to help bring to their full potential. Great with people in general.

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  2. Reliable and Consistent: Frank is reliable on his targets and consistently delivers. Practical and Hands-on: Hands down the most efficient and practical CEO I have worked with. Crystal-clear goals and target: Decides exactly where he wants the company to focus and grow, and propels the company towards it. Doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty: If need be, you will see him in sales meeting and even handling particularly difficult clients. Cares for Employees: Unlike most CEOs, Frank takes a keen interest in the well being of the employees and makes himself accessible to them.

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