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Frost Prioleau is the CEO of is a demand side platform transforming unstructured data elements to valuable factors that aid in decision making. Prioleau has 23 years in the marketing & advertising industry. He began his career in 1998.

Before joining, Prioleau was a GM of technology division at Collective Media and before that a CEO at Personifi. Earlier in his career he worked with Intraware as a president.

Prioleau graduated from Princeton University.



  1. Frost Prioleau is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a leader in programmatic advertising and agency management software. A four-time entrepreneur, is Frost’s second company in the digital advertising space. He founded in 2010 upon seeing an opportunity to potentially reshape digital advertising through programmatic ad buying. One of his key strengths is exemplifying the true definition of servant-leadership and aims to create an open and collaborative work environment for all employees where they can achieve their full potential. He also brings to over 15 years of experience in online advertising with focus on corporate strategy, driving growth, and ensuring customer satisfaction and employee retention. As his colleagues would say, Frost is always calm minded and thoughtful in the workplace. He continually thinks about the bigger picture and what is good for the team, our customers, and the business. He is a supportive leader and asks for honest feedback so he can do what is needed to reach the goal at hand. With 390 employees, his door is always open and he is always reachable regardless of the situation – big or small. There is never a time where he is not available for his team and employees, which speaks wonders for a company of this size. Above all else, he cares about his employees, which in turn sets the tone for everyone in the company.
 From the outset, values of honesty, respect, growth, customer focus, and fun were identified as pillars around which he wanted to build the company. Over the last few years, he has also adopted the unofficial mantra of “Work Hard, Be Nice.” Another key strength as CEO of a fast-growing company in an extremely competitive industry, Frost is focused on’s employees first and the business second. He firmly believes that would not be where it is today without the hard work of his employees. In closing, Frost is a humble leader and gives credit where it is deserved. Frost is whole heartedly committed to the company on a level that you do not see from most people in a leadership position, making him a resilient leader that many look up to.

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