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Gireesh Sonnad is the Co-Founder and CEO of Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Partner specializing in enterprise clients in the financial services and healthcare sectors. In 2018, the company was named the #1 best small and medium company to work for by Glassdoor. He has been building the company since 2009 and in 2018 took in outside capital from Pamlico Capital. Gireesh’s various technology and leadership experiences has equipped him to effectively grow Silverline to nearly 400 employees.

Gireesh’s career in technology spans a lifetime, beginning with studies in computer science, work as a developer, participation in startups, CTO/CIO roles, and as an entrepreneur — founder of multiple software consulting practices focused on cloud computing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Michigan.



  1. I have the privilege of being exposed to dozens of CEOs in my role as a growth equity investor in SaaS and SaaS services companies like Silverline. I can say with conviction that Gireesh is the top CEO I have ever worked with. While he has the full package of traits that make a fantastic CEO – integrity, intelligence, empathy, charisma – what truly differentiates Gireesh is his passion for his 350+ employees. More so than any CEO with whom I have worked, Gireesh prioritizes his people. In the boardroom, he makes decisions first based on how they will impact the organization and guards his culture fiercely. He truly adheres to the mantra that if a company takes care of its employees, the employees will take care of everything else, which is evidenced in Silverline’s stellar performance and reputation among its employees, clients, and within the broader Salesforce ecosystem. As an investor things like monthly volatility and cash flow keep me awake, but I sleep easier in regards to Silverline knowing that the company is built upon a stable foundation of an engaged and satisfied team, thanks to Gireesh’s exceptional leadership.

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  2. I’ve been in the SaaS industry for nearly my entire career. Until Silverline, I’d never seen a Co-Founder and CEO in this space like Gireesh. He’s grown Silverline to a true powerhouse player in the Salesforce ecosystem (a Platinum Partner with over $50M revenue last year alone) and managed to develop a thriving independent consultancy for Healthcare and Financial Service firms. Beyond the financial and growth implications for Silverline, Gireesh is one of the warmest, most grounded CEOs I’ve ever worked with. Together, we refined a purpose statement for the company that describes a mission, vision, and set of values that wouldn’t exist without his leadership: To create rewarding experiences for our team, our clients, and the world we live in.

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  3. Gireesh Sonnad has led Silverline into its 10th year as an independent Salesforce Platinum Partner specializing in Healthcare and Financial Services. As a Co-Founder and CEO, Sonnad has always been at the center of the powerful partnerships, far-reaching client base, and diverse talent pool at Silverline. Beyond having a pulse on the Salesforce ecosystem and growing Silverline’s revenue to over $50M in 2018, there are few leaders as committed to positively impacting the SaaS space — through technological and strategic innovation and personalized client journeys.

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  4. Gireesh is an incredible leader not only operationally and tactically, but also emotionally. He has a wildly rare blend of marketing prowess and dev skills, and understands that a great team drives revenue and client satisfaction. He puts his team before absolutely anything else in a way I’ve never before experienced with a CEO.

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  5. I’ve known Gireesh Sonnad for 5 years. He’s an amazing CEO who truly cares about his people. He believe that’s a happy team of consultants will in turn create happy clients and he is right! He’s the best CEO I’ve worked for.

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  6. Inclusive leadership, visionary thinking, true focus on the people as the most important aspect of the business.

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