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Glo Gordon began his professional career 38 years ago. Today, he is the CEO of MATRIXX Software. MATRIXX Software is the global leader in 5G monetization for the communications industry. MATRIXX delivers a cloud native digital commerce solution that enables unmatched commercial and operational agility.

Gordon first got his start in 1983 with various sale and leadership roles at Xerox. From there, he went on to PeopleSoft, before eventually rising to chief revenue officer at Uptake his most recent position prior to joining MATRIXX Software.

Gordon graduated from UC Santa Barbara with an undergraduate degree.



  1. Glo has spent her career working in disruptive industries and helping to scale companies who had successfully navigated the startup journey and were poised for the next phase of growth. She joined MATRIXX as CEO in 2020, after spending two years on the Board of Directors. Despite the looming pandemic, MATRIXX was in a strong market position. The company had already battled its way into a market dominated by legacy giants. It had an impressive list of Tier-1 communications service providers and leading digital players as customers. What the company needed, and why Glo was engaged, was to evolve from an R&D startup into a go-to-market business capable of scaling to dominate a market. In the past 12 months, Glo has helped MATRIXX partner with 10 new customers – all leading telecom operators in their regions. Under her leadership, the company has also partnered with three key solutions providers and made key new executive hires. MATRIXX has been recognized for Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries and Innovation in Technology Development for its work with customers in Asia and the Middle East. Under Glo’s direction, MATRIXX is anticipating continued customer momentum and exciting new phases of growth.

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