Greg Mercer
Founder and CEO
Jungle Scout



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Greg Mercer is the Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Founded in 2015 as the first Amazon product research tool, Jungle Scout today features a full suite of best-in-class business management solutions and powerful market intelligence to help entrepreneurs and brands manage their Amazon businesses. Mercer has 6 years in the technology industry. He began his career in 2015.

Mercer graduated and from Auburn University with an undergraduate degree in engineering.



  1. Greg Mercer’s top strengths are vision for the company and employee satisfaction. Greg Mercer is Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, an innovative, profitable tech startup in the ever-expanding ecommerce space. Greg first established Jungle Scout as a product research tool to help entrepreneurs start businesses selling on Amazon. Today, Greg has grown Jungle Scout into the leading all-in-one platform entrepreneurs use to build and grow successful ecommerce businesses. Greg’s focus on entrepreneurship began at an early age. As a kid, he sought every opportunity to fix, build, and sell anything he could. Greg even built his first profitable business, Ped-Key, which put a working key in a motorized scooter — at age 14. Greg went on to attend Auburn University and start a career as a civil engineer. Even as he worked a day-job, he felt a continuous pull toward entrepreneurship. In 2013, Greg decided to try his hand at selling on Amazon, and ultimately chose to leave his job as a civil engineer in order to focus solely on his Amazon business. Greg knew Amazon’s massive opportunity was growing rapidly. As he grew his own Amazon sales into an 8-figure business, his eagerness to find profitable products to sell led him to invent a technology that would automate that research, gathering sales, price, and other key competitive product data to identify demand and trending products on Amazon. Greg wanted to share this technology — Jungle Scout — with other entrepreneurs to help them launch their Amazon businesses. The technology Greg built years ago now provides every tool and resource sellers need to build and grow a business on Amazon. Today, Jungle Scout fuels the businesses of more than 500,000 Amazon sellers worldwide, from entrepreneurial individuals earning income to pay off student loans to major brands pursuing Amazon as a key sales channel. Jungle Scout has grown to support 10 global Amazon marketplaces with both employees and customers across the globe. Today, Greg is working to expand Jungle Scout to additional online marketplaces, such as Walmart, to help ecommerce sellers and brands on and off Amazon. Greg is motivated by helping people achieve their missions of financial independence and building brands they are passionate about; he is an entrepreneur helping entrepreneurs.

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  2. Greg’s strengths: 1. He is scrappy. He took an idea, with no programming experience, and made it happen. He learned, he hired, he worked, and 4 years later he has grown the company from just him to 100+ employees around the world. 2. He cares. As a company scales from 1 employee to 100 it’s easy for different people to get lost in the shuffle. Greg is intentional and approachable. At Jungle Camp, or bi-annual offsite for ALL employees, he talks to everyone and encourages people to come over and talk to him. It is part of what makes Jungle Scout a magical place to work.

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  3. Greg has many strengths that make him a great CEO. First and foremost, Greg is an entrepreneur and was living abroad, running a business with his wife. He decided to create a software program to help with his business and then decided to share the wealth with other Amazon sellers. He grew Jungle Scout from a few employees to over 125 employees in a matter of five years. He has created a culture of friendship, inclusivity, and hard work. Greg is extremely knowledgable in our field of Amazon, because he started as an Amazon seller before even starting Jungle Scout.

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