Greg Mulholland
Founder, CEO and Board Member
Citrine Informatics



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Greg Mulholland began his professional career 17 years ago. Today, he is the Founder, CEO and Board Member of Citrine Informatics. Citrine Informatics is the award-winning materials informatics platform for data-driven materials and chemicals development.

Mulholland first got his start in 2004 as a founder at Krispy Kreme Challenge. From there, he went on to Kyma Technologies, before eventually rising to director of strategic alliances at Sageworks, Inc., his most recent position prior to joining Citrine Informatics.

Mulholland graduated from Standford Graduate School of Business with an MBA in entrepreneurship and from North Carolina State University with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.



  1. 1. Visionary – Commercialized the first AI platform for materials and chemicals, years before the idea of applying AI to materials and chemicals R&D caught on in the industry. 2. Thought leader – Greg has spoken about the intersection of next generation materials and AI at leading conferences such as the World Economic Forum and World Materials Forum. 3. Team-building – Since founding the company, Greg has run the company, hired, and built the team based on values he and his co-founders developed very early on in Citrine’s history. We’re data-driven, we value prototyping, autonomy, a bias toward action, inclusivity, autonomy, and accountability.

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