Greg Stock
Chairman and CEO



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Greg Stock is the Chairman and CEO of Zenoss. Zenoss works with the world’s largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. Stock has 31 years in the marketing industry. He began his career in 1987.

Before joining Zenoss, Stock was a chairman and CEO at Macheen and before that a chairman and CEO at Vovici. Earlier in his career he worked with IBM as a software product manager.

Stock graduated from Penn State University with an MBA in marketing and an undergraduate degree in supply chain management.



  1. Greg operates by a “results not excuses” philosophy and pushes us to work that way, as well. At the same time, we are encouraged to take risks to achieve greatness without the fear of retribution if the first idea doesn’t go as planned. He is also just as passionate about his employees’ and their genuine wellbeing as he is about Zenoss’s success, and for that reason I think we all feel personally invested in the company and its triumphs. He truly values each and every single employee, and we all feel it. Last but certainly not least, I have never seen a CEO who truly embodies the Customers for Life value the way Greg does. It’s at the heart of every single decision he makes, and our customers feel that.

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  2. From Greg’s first days at Zenoss and throughout the company’s phenomenal growth since his arrival, he holds himself to the highest standards of excellence and leads by example. He demands that his team hold him to a philosophy of RNE—results, not excuses—and believes the only way to be accountable is to be transparent about setting aggressive goals, and owning the outcome whether success or failure. Additionally, he’s passionate about his core value of “Customers for Life” which is evident by the long list of customers Zenoss has satisfied and retained for many years. I’ve never worked for another more approachable, supportive and inspiring CEO.

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  3. Greg identified core values for our company; Customers for Life being one the most important. The emphasis and importance placed on building valued relationships with customers, plus customer support, service and engagement is second to none and as a result our customer retention and love is very high. This is thanks to Greg’s leadership and dedication to this core value. In addition, Greg has enlisted a results, not excuses, mentality which has greatly attributed to our significant YOY growth.

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  4. Building a culture with positive, hardworking, customer oriented employees by instilling and upholding core values like, Customers For Life, Win With Integrity, Need For Speed, No Name Jerseys, People Who Do.

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