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Gregg is an entrepreneur. Right now, he spends his time building CampusLogic, THE Student Financial Success company. Colleges and universities use its award-winning platform to drive increased access, informed borrowing and improve completion. They help schools change lives.

He loves building and working with amazing teams to create something from nothing. He finds company building to be incredibly interesting, fun, challenging, energizing (and sometimes exhausting), motivating, and addictive.



  1. Gregg Scoresby, Chief Executive Officer, founded CampusLogic in 2011 purpose-driven to help colleges and universities change lives by driving student financial success with technology—a key component of overall student success. Gregg’s high standards are embedded throughout CampusLogic’s company, core values, and culture: work hard and give our best, have the courage to change the world, love what we do and fix what’s broken, and more. It’s tough to be the lone voice in an industry saying, we can do better here, we HAVE to do better here, because students are struggling with debt, others aren’t getting in to higher education because of outdated processes. And it’s all fixable. Gregg earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Cornell University. At Arthur Andersen he led a 200-person student financial aid outsourcing operation. In 2001, he launched his first company, Core3, a financial aid consulting and outsourcing firm. With 21 years of experience in technology and 21 years in education, Gregg melds the two topics for the greater good—and pushes boundaries with grace and respect. His perseverance has been key to customers understanding it’s time to reinventing processes deeply ingrained in higher education. Gregg knew technology would be a game-changer for FinAid. He knew improving FinAid offices would bring retention, enrollment, and student success gains nation-wide. In 2018 he raised a $55 million round of funding from JMI Equity. In 2018 CampusLogic was the fastest-growing software company in Arizona—21st nationally—according to the Inc. 500 List 1) His entrepreneurial spirit is extraordinary – Gregg very quickly identified a huge gap in the higher education industry, particularly in the area of the financial aid office where the lack of sophisticated technology products placed heavy burdens on both students and financial aid staff alike. The antiquated process of applying for and receiving financial aid had not evolved for decades. Gregg’s vision led to creating a number of SaaS products that have revolutionized the financial aid office – vastly improving the experience for today’s student-consumer. 2) His passion is contagious – Gregg is passionate not only about the products he is successfully creating and delivering, but also about the company and the people he leads. Gregg places a huge emphasis on company culture and values – he does this because he believes that happy employees produce better results, and because he truly cares about people and wants them to feel good about the work they are doing.

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