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  • Top SaaS CEO 2021


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Guy Bejerano is the CEO and Co-Founder of SafeBreach. He first joined the company in 2014 as CEO. SafeBreach executes active breach scenarios and performs continuous validation to find holes in an environment before an attacker does.

Previously, Bejerano was a chief security officer at LivePerson and before that a chief information security officer at Ness Technologies. Earlier in his career he worked with Ness Technologies as a chief information security officer.

Bejerano earned an undergraduate degree in economics from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo.



  1. Strength: Adaptability under pressure Explanation: In 2020, like every company, SafeBreach had to respond immediately to the pandemic. Bejerano says, “We overcame those challenges and helped our customers protect their suddenly remote workforces and do more with their existing infrastructure. We focused on customer support and delivering new capabilities for cloud native and risk-based prioritization of vulnerabilities.” “SafeBreach emerged with 2020 being our best year ever. We grew our workforce net more than 50%, as sales more than doubled.” Supporting data: In 2020, SafeBreach revenue increased over 100% and new customer wins included recognized global leaders in fInancial services, insurance, health care, consumer goods, and manufacturing. Guy Bejerano quote: “Our vision of enterprise security is that it must be adaptable first and foremost. Cybersecurity always faces the unexpected unknown. If it cannot adapt immediately, then it can be a liability.” Strength: He understands the CISO, the key decison-maker for SafeBreach products, from the inside out Explanation: From 2005 to 2007 at Ness Technologies, a global IT services firm with 12,000 employees, Bejerano faced the challenges of a large-enterprise CISO. He standardized the infrastructure and practices at the company’s nearly 20 Ness locations globally to reduce risk and costs. As CISO at LivePerson from 2007 to 2013, Bejerano had to show customers – and his Board – that cloud-based security could be superior to traditional cybersecurity. That led him to see the need for continuous, automated validation of security controls – and to the founding of SafeBreach. Guy quote: “CISOs need hard data and metrics to guide their security investments and to justify new investments to the Board. You can’t just buy more security tools; that will not make you more secure. It’s critical to know which tools perform, and which do not – and where reconfiguration is needed – that’s what drives risk down.” Strength: View of cybersecurity as a vital enabler for business, and the ability to bring that vision to market successfully. Explanation: As CISO at LivePerson from 2007 to 2013, Bejerano saw it was critical to make cloud security a differentiating strength, so customers would see that a SaaS application could actually improve, rather than imperil their security. He also saw that measuring the true effectiveness of security was key to improving it and convincing skeptics. With SafeBreach he applied this concept to continuously validate the performance of all types of security controls. through continuous testing, accurate analysis, and proactive improvement.”

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