Hemant Sikaria
Founder & CEO
Sibros Technnologies, Inc



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  1. Hemant is a genuinely differentiated Chief Executive Officer and leader. What sets him apart is his tireless and relentless desire to lead by example and, in doing so, is able to motivate Sibros’s company employees to be more and achieve more. This hands-on leadership style facilitates the intense customer and product focus that has driven the amazing growth that Sibros has seen to date. Likewise, this customer-driven approach has yielded dividends as the company has landed the country’s largest OEM customers, in many cases as a direct result of Hemant’s evident product expertise and vision. Furthermore, Hemant’s background as the 11th engineer at Tesla makes him uniquely suited to get into the weeds and drive his elite engineering team from a position of deep credibility and knowledge. This background and desire to promote hands-on leadership across the company mean that he fosters an incredible amount of respect across each employee. In addition, Hemant has gathered and cultivated leaders at Sibros in every department – encouraging excellence at all levels. Hemant can leverage his technical background and subject matter expertise to traverse the organization and lead all aspects of the organization’s growth, be it operations, finance, or software development. This rare set of skills has uniquely positioned him to be at the helm of such a high-growth company.

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  2. Hemant Sikaria is a self-made entrepreneur with incredible determination, has 10 years of leadership experience and a bold vision of the future for the automotive industry. Hemant has the vocation and technical knowledge and experience to change the way OEMs think about their vehicles, revolutionizing the entire industry, shaking out the idea of a hardware-based competitiveness. Shifting into a new era of empowering OEMs with knowledge and full ownership of software defined vehicles, as our world moves towards more connected, electric, autonomous and ridesharing vehicles. He is an active voice for the automotive industry, passionate about advocating the importance of a software-first mentality in vehicle design. His passion for educating and changing the world has made it easy for him to play the role of an emerging advocate. Hemant is passionate to support local and international universities and their students with a growing internship program year by year. He has hired over 13 interns to work for Sibros, more than 6 returned for a second internship, and over 3 have accepted a full-time position that were offered.

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  3. Hemant has proven a highly effective leader of a very fast growing Series A funded SaaS company through his: 1) ability to make difficult decisions swiftly with a considerate and balanced approach 2) kindness and inclusiveness for others 3) talent spotting – hiring and retaining great talent 4) authenticity in selling our vision to customers, partners, investors and employees.

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  4. Hemant is very transparent, and provide realistic guidance, and is a great mentor and coach. Hemant is able to express his ideas well, and is very organized. Hemant is also able to dive into the technical details, which strengthens his decision making quality.

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  5. Outlier ambition Confidence Visionary and absolute thought leader in the vehicle software and connectivity category Unique problem-founder fit (coming from deep firmware experience at Tesla) High empathy for team members

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