Henrique Pinheiro
IT Director
Plusoft Informática SA



  • Top Software Executives 2021


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Henrique joined Plusoft in 2017 as IT Director. Plusoft develops Omnichannel CRM solution, virtual interaction, Edusense, chatbot and inPaaS for various industries.

Previously, he was a Co-founder at iPaaS and before that a Programador at Nydus Systems Informática.

He graduated from Fundação Getúlio Vargas with a MBA and in Universidade Ibirapuera with an undergraduate degree in Information System.



  1. Henrique Pinheiro is a technical executive who is very aligned with the needs of the market and how to make technology the connection between customers and companies to have a better experience. Henrique also has a responsibility to act as DPO, which in recent years is an extremely important issue for the Plusoft and theirs clients in the protection of personal data.

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  2. Effective negotiation skills Inspire everybody Commitment and Passion Good Communication Decision Making Capabilities Innovation Delegation and Empowerment Creativity

    Staff, submitted on

  3. Knowledge of new technologies Comprehensive Communication Knowing how to deal with pressure

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Knowledge Relationship Focus Leadership

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  5. #ERROR!

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