Jaanus Reismaa
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  1. Jaanus has a very high IQ, both emotional IQ, and rational IQ. He can successfully cope with difficult situations and be understanding and caring on the one hand and rational on the other. He is a leader and captain – takes responsibility when needed and giving credit for the right things at the right time. We have taken a long road to get to the point we are at the moment. After 10 years we have 15 000 paid users using SimplBooks accounting software in Estonia and Finland and we have shown the fastest growth in Estonia. Jaanus Reismaa has led us all the way to the point, where we are expanding to the other European countries. And we have lot of great feedback from all over the world from e-residents. Jaanus also has high self-awareness. He knows what are his own leadership strengths as well as his leadership weaknesses. For our team, it is important that we can count on Jaanus day in and day out, ask questions, make jokes and look up to him if needed. He has done a great job to build up the team, build up the software, being innovative, and a great example. I personally think that a great leader has a sense of humor, you can make jokes at him, but at the same time, you have a big respect and admiration.

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