Jackie Carlson
Director of Talent Experience



  • Top Women Leaders 2021


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Jackie Carlson began her professional career 11 years ago. Today, she is the Director of Talent Experience of RippleMatch. RippleMatch is a platform for early career hiring that helps build diverse teams and hire the right talent virtually.

Carlson first got her start in 2007 as a marketing and sales associate at Related. From there, she went on to SNI Companies, before eventually rising to people team manager at OppLoans, her most recent position prior to joining RippleMatch.

Carlson graduated and from Michigan State University with an undergraduate degree in communications.



  1. Jackie consistently goes above and beyond to strengthen the RippleMatch team. From ensuring everyone is comfortable at the office to onboarding new members. The RippleMatch world would not be the same without her (and her pup). She is organized, kind and always thinking ahead to the next challenge that we might face. Onboarding during a pandemic? A breeze with Jackie on our side. An anecdote that really sums up how much Jackie cares is this: I recently lost my 13 year old pup and the moment that jackie caught wind of it I got a call saying that flowers were being delivered to my apartment. Jackie cares so much about the workforce at RippleMatch and it shows in the culture here. I would nominate her 20 times over if I could.

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  2. Jackie is the kind of person you meet during an interview who immediately, without saying anything, tells you that you’re going to have a good time at this company. The first time I had genuinely felt excitement with any role, I was speaking with Jackie. She lives up to her first impression and goes beyond it with her warmth–the kind of leader you want to listen to.

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  3. Jackie has taken RippleMatch from 30 employees to almost 100 in less than a year! All the while she is the friendliest and warmest person and looks out for every single human at RippleMatch! She’s the greatest!!

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  4. Building and sustaining an awesome culture built on empathy, positivity, and understanding; leading our recruiting team through a time of extreme growth; Constructing Administrative Processes

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