Jan Sundelin
TIE Kinetix



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Jan Sundelin is the CEO of TIE Kinetix. He first joined the company in 2008. TIE Kinetix delivers SaaS solutions for electronic document exchange and supply chain automation.

Previously, Sundelin was a European president at Tallygenicom and before that a senior vice president at Minolta-QMS. Earlier in his career he worked with QMS-Alto EMEA as CEO.

Sundelin earned an undergraduate degree in economics and politics from Karlstad University.



  1. As a pioneer of sorts in digital supply chain transformation, Jan truly understands where the industry has been and where it is heading. But despite his expertise, he keeps an open mind and is always looking for fresh perspectives and insights from people of all experience levels. He is open and receptive to change and will always test new theories and ways of doing things when there is good reasoning behind it. His management style is also a key strength in that he believes when you hold people responsible, they take responsibility. Even more, he has created a working environment in which everyone must think for themselves. The are virtually no boundaries when it comes to reaching personal and company-wide goals, and because of that, Jan has created a truly dynamic and innovative team.

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