Janine Williams
CEO and Founder



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Janine has spent the past 10 years passionately pursuing the art and science of successful hotel retail. She has worked with 1,000's of hotels, franchisees, owner/operators, and brands to identify the challenges that traditionally limit the overall retail performance of lobby shops and retail outlets.

With limited space and challenging merchandising options, these stores often do not reflect the quality and consistency a brand is known for. With the absence of retail training and effective retail technology tools, hoteliers continuously struggle to meet the needs of their guests and the expectations of their brands and owners.

Williams' unique combination of skills and experience in retail procurement, hotel retail design, retail automation technology, and revenue analysis results in an unprecedented expertise in a niche of hospitality that generates over >$2B in revenue annually - while dramatically improving guest experience and brand consistency.



  1. She is the definition of grit, tenacity and inexhaustible energy. At times, I swear, she has literally willed the company to succeed when there was no cash, no resources, no chance. She is an amazing example of a woman who chuckled as she blew right past the status quo expectations of what a Software CEO should look like. She went from GED, to English Major, to stay-at-home mom of 4, to CEO who bootstrapped a technology startup SaaS company in Denver by literally googling terms like “software spec” to get the first product built. Her greatest strength: having the humility to constantly seek the advice, wisdom, expertise and experience she lacked from others she considered better equipped to solve the problem. What she lacks in the way of a prestigious MBA, she nails when it comes to determination and streets smarts. She led our company from a nearly non-existent, non-sexy niche to completely changing the perception of that niche across the hospitality industry in boardrooms of global hotel companies. They now see the value of our data and the metrics our solution provides to drive incremental revenue in the hospitality industry. Under her leadership, the company has grown 5,000+% since 2013.

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  2. She is a fighter. In the world of male-dominated hotel technology, this woman has built something so simple, so brilliant, something no one else thought of. She will not be pushed out by the larger enterprise providers because she knows the customers’ needs inside and out in a way they just don’t and understands her niche in a way that no one else in the space can compete. She loves to go on site with customers, learning, talking, listening, solving problems for them. In her “spare time,” she reads incoming LiveChats to see what customers are asking for, what they can’t find easily and types tickets asking for immediate changes. She builds what they need; not what she wants them to have.

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