Jasmine Burns
VP of People & Culture



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Jasmine joined Censys in 2018 as VP of People & Culture. Censys allows users to discover the devices, networks, and infrastructure on the Internet and monitor how it changes over time.

Previously, she was a Board Member, Marketing and Partnerships at HR Open Source and before that a Recruiting Manager, Operations at Duo Security. Earlier in her career she worked with ForeSee as a Corporate Recruiter.

She graduated from University of Michigan-Dearborn with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.



  1. * Incredible grasp on the technology & problem space. I’ve never had my interview process begin with such an in-depth discussion around the company mission & how each req is meant to fill a specific skill gap. * Proactive about culture. Even when Censys had a tiny employee count, Jasmine was intentional about growing the right kind of culture. She lives and breathes our cultural values daily, and makes sure that every employee is bought in on them. * Create growth pathways. Jasmine knows how to align every individual’s own goals with the company’s trajectory. It creates an environment where everyone is jointly responsible for the direction of Censys. In short.. she is the most talented HR/People Strategy expert I have ever worked with in my career. She stretches the boundaries on what a high-performing people department is capable of.

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  2. – building an incredibly inclusive and diverse culture – fierce advocate for employee benefits and rights, including equal parental leave, pregnancy loss time off, and adoption and IVF assistance – recruiting and hiring top talent – internal comms – external employer branding – employee career path planning/promotion planning – employee issue resolution – She is the strongest HR/People person i’ve EVER worked with

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  3. Jasmine is consistently exceeding expectations in every aspect of her role at Censys. She is the glue to our organization in every aspect – from recruiting stellar candidates, to supporting current employees to blazing the strategy for our success in the future. She is changing the standard of culture at cybersecurity start-ups and she deserves to be recognized for all of her efforts.

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  4. Jasmine has made it a point to bring in key talent to Censys. We are a series A security startup and she has delivered outstanding focus on setting the foundation in this company to be a place that can attract top talent. Routinely we are getting recognized for the team we have built and so much of that is due to Jasmine’s leadership and her own execution.

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  5. Jasmine has done a great job building an outstanding culture within Censys where everyone collaborates together and takes case of each others. She has also helped recruit some amazing talent to the organization. She is always very positive, and injects energy and enthusiasm to the company.

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  6. * Community building * Empowering women across the company * Commitment to diversity through action

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  7. empathy hiring culture recruiting grit inclusion

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