Jay Tokosch
Founder, CEO



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Jay joined NoteAffect in 2017 as Chief Executive Officer. NoteAffect is an app designed for the higher education and business markets, made for phone, tablet and laptop.

Previously, He was a CEO, Cofounder at Core-apps - acquired by Community Brands/Insight Partners and before that a Cofounder, Vice President at Edison Business Solutions. Earlier in his career he worked with AV1 Studios as a Founder & CEO.

He graduated from University of Maryland Global Campus with an undergraduate degree in Business Admin/Information Technology.



  1. I think I have a few key strengths that make me a good SaaS CEO. I like to create new products that do not exist in a particular market and create that market. I also do well at creating successful business models for the new products in the market. Others coming in later generally adopt the same business model. As an example, I just sold Core-apps, the first mobile app for the event space in 2009 and we created that space for the industry which many others behind Core-apps followed our lead. NoteAffect will be the same way.

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