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Jeevan Kalanithi is the CEO of OpenSpace. He first joined the company in 201. OpenSpace offers photo documentation which is automatically pinned to plan location with AI.

Previously, Kalanithi was president at 3D Robotics and before that a CEO & co-founder at Sifteo. Earlier in his career he worked with Taco Lab LLC as a founder and partner.

Kalanithi earned an MS in media lab from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an undergraduate degree in the symbolic system from Stanford University.



  1. Jeevan is a thoughtful, collaborative, and strategic leader who believes in his team and puts them in a position to succeed. His calm, inquisitive, and supportive demeanor is often mentioned as a key reason to work at OpenSpace by employees. One of the reasons OpenSpace has grown so quickly is that he maintains a long-term vision for the company while maintaining a decisive, get-it-done culture. During the pandemic, the OpenSpace product was helping construction teams transition to remote work. Jeevan made the strategic decision to create a free version of the product so that more teams could take advantage of it at a difficult time for the industry. This not only helped many teams adapt to challenging conditions but also positioned OpenSpace as a leader. The company tripled its revenue in 2020 and saw customer growth take off over the course of the pandemic. As a leader, Jeevan keeps things light by infusing humor into the workplace. One of the company’s stated values is “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” This creates an atmosphere where everyone can perform at a high level without getting burned out and with no acrimony between co-workers.

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