Jillian Falconi
VP of Customer Experience



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Jillian joined Falcon.io in 2017 as VP of Customer Experience. Falcon.io provides a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, advertising, engaging, publishing and analytics. We enable our clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touch points from one platform.

Previously, she was a Global VP of Demand Generation at Trustpilot and before that a Senior Marketing Manager, Global Marketing at Saxo Bank. Earlier in her career she worked with MarketReach as a Recruitment Administrator.

She graduated from Maastricht University with an undergraduate degree in International Marketing.



  1. Rarely have I encountered a person with as much practical as inspirational leadership. To condense the stand-out qualities Jill brings to the entire organisation every day: – energy (aside from having 2 young children, Jill is always high-energy and never passive. You know she is in the room and she animates those around her) – intelligence (while having to act on a practical level at times to navigate company GRR, Jill is a key player at executive leadership level and has never let go of her marketing hat – she joins the dots and drives strategic topics beyond CX) – storytelling (if ever we get lost in the fast-moving tech landscape, we can rely on Jill to put sound context on matters while connecting disparate topics and big ideas to daily actions that will resonate with every employee. Externally, Jill can create that spark with our customers and prospects to come on a journey with us as one of many tech vendors trying to find our unique positioning in a crowded marketplace) – heart (Jill genuinely cares and has been referred to as the mother of Falcon. She instigates change where needed and always fights for time and resource allocation to people development and nurturing potential with people. Her risk-taker side is tested when she takes a chance on people and positions before those are completely proven as she believes in people and their talent and helps others to reach that potential. In short, she cares about both people AND results.)

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