Jim Dougherty
CEO and Co Founder
Madaket Health



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Jim Dougherty has almost 30 years of diverse operating experiences as senior management in both IT and information services companies. Jim recently co-founded Madaket, a startup Healthcare IT company based in Boston. Prior to founding Madaket, as an Operating Partner with Great Hill Partners, he worked with seven portfolio companies on their boards of directors, advisor to the CEOs, and in one case as interim CEO.

Jim's experience includes scaling startups and running organizations of up to nearly a billion dollars of revenue. He led the turnarounds of Intralinks, Gartner, Prodigy and Metamatrix. In the Prodigy Office of the President, Jim raised substantial private equity in one of the worst markets in 25 years (Q2 2001), took the company public, and successfully sold it to Southwestern Bell.

Jim's early career was at Lotus Development where he served as the General Manager of the Internet Division and a member of the Executive Committee at the time of the company's sale to IBM.

Jim is now on the Board of Trustees for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he Chairs the Research Oversight Committee, Bright Sprit Children's Foundation, and the Foreign Policy Association in New York City.

He is a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and runs a roundtable on what the US foreign policy should be to maintain our lead in innovation and another roundtable on Cyber Threats. He holds an International Economics MA from Columbia University, a CSS from Harvard University, and a BA from Framingham State College.



  1. Jim Dougherty is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of expertise in leveraging automation to improve manual administrative processes in the financial services and healthcare industries. At Madaket Health, Jim leads the company toward its goal of creating streamlined solutions for the increasingly complicated world of healthcare information technology and data management. As the founder of Madaket, Jim is a passionate and thoughtful leader; he knows and plays to his strengths and is both motivating and empowering to those around him. Jim emphasizes team in a genuine way that comes from a deep and intrinsic belief that the company is powered by the strength of the team, not the merits of its leaders. More than building a company, Jim is passionate about building people. At a recent all-hands meeting, Jim expressed his strong desire that all Madaket employees be better people and members of their communities, wherever their journeys take them. It wasn’t about their contributions at Madaket; to Jim, it’s about their contributions to humanity. He wants team members to develop skills that are foundational and enable their success whenever they leave Madaket. In addition to his role as CEO, Jim has long held academic roles, and as a professor of entrepreneurship, he teaches these values to his students as well. He has also contributed articles to Harvard Business Review on topics of entrepreneurship, building teams and company culture.

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