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Jim Rose is the CEO of CircleCI. He first joined the company in 2014 as COO. CircleCI is the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, and the central hub where code moves from idea to delivery.

Previously, Rose was a CEO and co-founder at Distiller and before that a co-founder and ceo at Copious. Earlier in his career he worked with MSI Consulting Group as a consultant manager.

Rose graduated from Duke University.



  1. CircleCI CEO, Jim Rose, is on a mission to provide everyone the ability to build and deliver software at the speed of imagination. As a six-time founder of category-defining companies like CI/CD leader, CircleCI and group buying platform, MobShop (whose IP was acquired by Groupon), Jim’s leadership is defined by his resilience, relentless focus on customers, and sharp knack of identifying product-market fit. Jim is highly regarded in the software developer community, ranging from peers, employees and investors: “The act of building quality software and shipping it quickly has become the core engine of value creation in companies across all industries. As an early investor in CircleCI, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jim as an advisor, board member, and friend. Jim’s unflappable nature, relentless focus, and clear prioritization of long-term value creation is what has made him so successful in defining and leading a category like CI/CD. His resilient leadership contributed to CircleCI’s record-breaking growth and recent $100M Series E round amidst a global pandemic.” — Andy Vitus, Partner, Scale Venture Partners “When I first met with CircleCI’s CEO Jim Rose more than four years ago, he was one of the only CEOs focused on the DevOps market and who understood how profoundly it was going to change the way software is built and deployed. Over the past few years, I have watched Jim execute on his vision building CircleCI into a leading DevOps company.” — Jai Das, President and Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures Operationally, Jim has set the company up for success by scaling the marketing and revenue side of the business and employing a land-and-expand strategy to sign and grow customers. While our early customers were mostly small startups, today, under Jim’s leadership, we’re bringing on Global 500 companies from all sectors: financial institutions, government agencies, automakers, major retailers, and more. Jim has also led CircleCI through multiple rounds of funding, bringing the company’s total funding raised to $315.5 million, and has been pivotal in leading the company to open new regional headquarters in Tokyo and London. Finally, throughout his career, Jim has experienced four market downturns and believes great companies are born from braving difficult times. Right now, Jim is leading his globally-distributed company of 600+ employees through a global pandemic while ensuring the company’s platform is equipped to support record-breaking usage. Despite the pandemic, he continues to hire and has added 400+ new employees since January 2020, doubling their product and engineering organizations.

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  2. As an compassionate and tireless CEO, Jim has led CircleCI through multiple rounds of funding, bringing the company’s total funding raised to $315.5 million, boosting it’s valuation to $1.7 billion. He’s also been pivotal in leading the company to open new regional headquarters in Tokyo, London, and most recently Amsterdam by way of acquiring the first cloud-native release orchestration platform, Vamp.

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  3. Jim makes all employees of any position comfortable to approach him with anything. He is empathic, driven, and consistently drives excitement about where the company is headed. I am fully confident in him as our CEO.

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