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John joined Elemica as CEO and Board Member in 2012. The Company is the leading digital supply network for the process industries. John’s leadership was instrumental in changing the company’s culture, revamping each functional area from product management, to technology, to sales and marketing, and to other areas while redirecting resources to become a truly customer centric company.

Elemica manages approximately one million business transactions per day on behalf of global clients, allowing them to rapidly buy and sell and track one-half trillion dollars in global commerce each year. 85 of the world’s largest 100 chemical, oil, plastics and tire companies are clients. Prior to Elemica, John’s leadership roles included President of Avotus, Vice President with IBM, and European Director with Motorola.



  1. John Blyzinskyj is CEO and Board Member of Elemica, a global SaaS / Cloud Software company based in Philadelphia. Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for the Process Industries. Upon joining Elemica, John’s exceptional leadership drove significant and immediate positive impact to the company’s financial results, employee motivation, and board/shareholder satisfaction. The striking turn-around in these areas is driven by John’s unique ability to balance, and have genuine concern, for both the interests of the company and the interests of the individual members of the professional team at Elemica. A healthy “win together, fail together” environment creates a shared success model allowing the company to overcome the technical debt that was accumulated prior to John’s appointment as CEO in November, 2012. John also currently serves on the boards of local community and educational institutions. Previously John was President of Avotus Corporation, a Software and Services company based in Canada. Prior to that he held a number of Division Head roles at companies across the Technology industry. He has led P&L businesses for over 25 years, ranging in size up to $700 Million in annual revenue, this has included international executive roles at IBM, Motorola, and HP. He has led a number of business scale-out and turnaround successes, each associated with the launching, or re-positioning of new products and services. This work involved significant first-hand experience of conducting and managing businesses in North America, Asia Pacific and a number of European countries. During his career John has led 8 M&A transactions, and the follow on merger or carve activities. In addition to his multinational experience John has also guided small companies, through his work with the Boston based Beacon Angels Investment Group. He holds a BSc with Honors in Electronic Engineering from Kings College, University of London; and a MBA from the Cranfield School of Management, England. He is a dual US / British national. In order to reposition Elemica best for short and long-term success, and overcome Elemica’s technical debt, John shied away from a quick “buy your way out” approach to problem solving. He trusted that taking intelligent risks to transform Elemica into a leading-edge technology provider, thus innovating Elemica out of technical debt instead of simply throwing money at the problem, would put the company in pole position among all supply chain digital business networks. The reality of this approach means venturing out where others have not, encouraging team members to take measured risk, and instead of punishing mistakes use them as a development and learning experiences for all members of the team. The approach has paid dividends. Elemica’s Digital Supply Network has secured 3 patents within its larger patent portfolio strategy, and the company has also achieved their revenue numbers for 20 straight quarters and posted 20 straight quarters of profitability. A striking turn-around indeed for a company that never had successful quarters back-to-back in its prior 12 years. Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network provider for process industries, founded in 2000 by the world’s largest chemical companies to facilitate these companies doing business with each other. Many of these businesses used monolithic ERP systems that failed to link easily, meaning many of these trading partners used manual processes to conduct business with each other. These transactions – orders, invoices, confirmations, status updates – remained paper, fax, and phone based, setting an environment for higher error rates, lower productivity, and increased labor costs. Elemica’s founders desired to create a robust network that worked like a telephone, where electronic commerce between trading partners would be rapidly scalable and be fully inter-operable – with a single connection into the network connecting through to all other companies on the network. However, first generation business network architectures failed to deliver on this vision as they necessitated the adoption of a standard, and suffered from inflexible processes and cumbersome stage-gates. The reality is that manufacturers can’t expect all their customers, suppliers and logistics providers to collectively adopt a single process. When companies can operate their supply chains to respond directly to external market drivers this is known as the outside-in supply chain. This enables companies to focus more on sensing, shaping and driving an intelligent response to the environment happening outside their internal control. Elemica’s patented next-generation Digital Supply Network platform removes these constraints and makes the network invisible. Today, trading partners do not have to change the way they do business in order to automate and synchronize processes with each other. Elemica customers have true ‘Come as You Are’ capabilities and it’s transforming how B2B commerce happens. John Blyzinskyj is the vision behind the outside-in supply chain that Elemica’s QuickLink Network facilitates. The outside-in supply chain is designed with the customer in mind. Instead of focusing inward on the company themselves, outside-in supply chains put the customer first. These supply chains maximize the value of extended supply chain processes with technologies that enable collaboration across multiple networks of corporate stakeholders and supply chain trading partners. Elemica’s Digital Supply Network manages cross-functional processes that integrate and synchronize product, demand, and supply networks to optimize joint value. It leverages an outside-in view based on insights about customer value to deliver a demand response that improves profitability and visibility. With an outside-in supply chain network, transaction data is captured across the entire network, creating a critical mass of real-time business information allowing trading partners to better respond to customer demands and drive value out of their supply chain network. Gone are excess material inventories at a time when falling prices can incur huge losses. Eliminated is a shortage of inventories at a time of increased demand that can mean lost sales. Elemica’s Digital Supply Network allows companies to conduct more efficient commerce, develop deep trading partner relationships, communicate more effectively with social, and gain predictive insights into market opportunities or disruptions. Key differentiators of Elemica’s Digital Supply Network: • Automation of customer-driven processes with a critical mass of partners • Management of large scale on-boarding programs • Actionable information derived from transactions and events • Social collaboration across the network • Expansive partner discovery search features John’s growth strategy focuses on sustained growth and expanding market share. With over seventy-five percent of the companies on IHS Chemical Week’s Billion Dollar Club list and most chemical companies on Gartner’s “2018 Supply Chain Top 25: Chemical” rankings as acclaimed Elemica customers, the company is best positioned to be the Digital Supply Network market leader across the process industries. The material value of transactions on Elemica’s network has more than doubled over the past two years to half a trillion dollars plus, with tens of thousands leading process industry trading partners leveraging their collective activities to capture real market opportunities, business efficiencies and cost savings.

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  2. John led Elemica through a turnaround that included the sale of the company from its original investors to Thoma Bravo, a Tier 1 Private Equity firm. This has led to significant growth in the company in terms of revenue and employment. The Elemica Digital Supply Network had significant network expansion in the first quarter of 2018 with traffic growing 10 percent year-over-year in Q1. Shipment traffic grew substantially based on new product expansions of Elemica Trace. With John’s leadership, in Q1 of 2018, Elemica introduced 3 new transformative solutions that aid digital transformation.

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  3. bringing the culture of customer centricity and agility to the organization. Strong usage of collaboration where everyone’s opinion is counted.

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  4. pleasure to work with and for. Very open door culture and willing to listen to new ideas from anyone in the organization.

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