John Chen
Executive Chairman & CEO



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  1. John Chen is a distinguished leader and proven turnaround executive with more than 40 years of engineering and management experience along with a reputation that extends well-beyond the technology industry. Appointed as Executive Chairman & CEO of BlackBerry in November 2013, John has led BlackBerry through a successful pivot from hardware icon to software leader. Today, BlackBerry is a leader in the industry, securing and connecting over half a billion endpoints, including 175 million cars, across industries. BlackBerry counts the worlds most critical organizations as customers of its cybersecurity software, including 18 of the G20 governments, NATO, the largest global banks, healthcare organizations, the automotive industry, and more. In addition to being a turnaround artist, John is an exceptional strategic thinker and thought leader. He pivoted BlackBerry to software in 2013 as he recognized, ahead of the market that as being the future of the technology industry, not hardware. John has taken the security that made BlackBerry smartphones so popular and evolved it so that it can secure any endpoint, any operating system – i.e. the entire IoT. John has the ability to see many many steps ahead of the market. John is an empathetic, fair and high integrity leader, with the right mix of a head vs. heart approach. He makes thoughtful decisions and takes the time to explain his decision process to employees to bring his team along with him. John is accessible, engaging with and soliciting ideas from employees across all functions and levels on a daily basis, and he has an open door policy. John always seems to know all the details and is highly responsive, setting the example with his work ethic. He is passionate about cybersecurity and truly cares about the company and his team of 3,500 employees.

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