John Saroff
Chief Executive Officer



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John Saroff is CEO of Chartbeat, the leading content intelligence platform used by more than 50,000 of the world's top media properties in over 60 countries. Chartbeat believes that meaningful stories matter wherever they live, and that in an increasingly mobile, social world, Chartbeat is the only analytics solution newsrooms rely on to understand consumer attention and make the most of their quality content on site and offsite. Saroff has worked on the cutting-edge of media and technology for 17+ years, setting the daily operations and business development agendas of companies as diverse as Google, NBC-Universal and vente-privee.



  1. Many think that starting a company is the hardest part. But John knows it’s running a successful company for years to come. He took the helm of Chartbeat at a pivotal time, when the media industry was in flux and the future of Chartbeat was at a fork in the road. John doubled-down on what makes Chartbeat great: helping media company and their most meaningful stories thrive. He’s grown the company into its 10th year of delivering powerful, actionable insights to the world’s top publishers and their journalists and has no signs of slowing down.

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