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John Street is the Founder and CEO of Pax8, a leading cloud commerce marketplace. In the last two years, he has tripled the size of the organization to over three hundred employees. Such rapid growth on limited outside funding is a testament to John’s executive skill, which was finely honed over several decades leading various tech companies. Prior to Pax8, John built MX Logic into one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based email and web security. He had also served as Chairman and CEO of USA.NET in the 1990’s and prior to that Telephone Express.

His colleagues praise his ability to predict how technology will evolve in the future as well as his ability to build a strong culture with high standards. He has been a tremendous advocate for entrepreneurship both in and outside his organizations. In fact, many executives that have worked with John have gone on to become entrepreneurs themselves. He graduated from The University of Notre Dame and began his career as a tax accountant with Arthur Andersen. John also served in the U.S. Peace Corps where he was focused on economic empowerment in the Philippines. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra.



  1. Overview: Key strengths include visionary, leadership, building culture, unique ability to connect and motivate millennials, willingness to take calculated risk, building relationships, and strong communicator. John Street is a visionary who can predict where the market is going and clearly address future challenges. Throughout his career, John’s Colorado-based companies have been listed on the Inc. 500 five times. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building disruptive technology that helps businesses grow. John has a high standard for himself, his leadership team, and the business. An example of this is company culture, the value he places on it, and how the culture directly correlates with his hand-picked leadership team. The Pax8 leadership team emulates the company’s core values to innovate, advocate, elevate, and celebrate. They are hungry, humble, and hard-working. Through the confidence John has in their abilities, he empowers the team to innovate and find new ways to solve business challenges for customers. Many of his leaders throughout the years have gone on to become entrepreneurs on their own accord. That is part of John’s legacy and he even invests in some of the start-ups. Finally, John has the ability to connect with millennials, and has built Pax8 to support the strengths they bring to business. While most companies are struggling on how to incorporate the generation, John has figured out how to enable them to thrive.

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  2. John is a futurist and a serial entrepreneur. He is very business savvy with the ability to inspire other leaders in the organization.

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