Johnny Boufarhat
Founder & CEO



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  1. Global mindset: When launching Hopin in 2019, Johnny went against the norm and built a fully remote workforce. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has grown from eight to over 660 employees across 45 countries. Johnny emphasizes that the ability to hire talented people from across the globe means Hopin’s products are built with a global mindset filled with perspectives from talented people around the world. Paving the road to impact: As one of the fastest growing companies, Johnny has built an incredible product and workforce in just under two years (during a global pandemic.) His stability, consistency and grace have been a guiding force. One of Johnny’s greatest strengths as a leader is his ability to spot great talent and give them the runway they need to make an impact. He emphasizes low ego throughout the company and as CEO, wants to give the experts who have joined Hopin a clear and open path to success. He truly provides his teams with the opportunities to do what they do best. Driving productivity through flexibility: As a remote company, Johnny emphasizes flexibility including when and where you work, which allows employees to do what works for their own personal productivity while collaborating and contributing to the collective mission of Hopin. He doesn’t worry about where the work gets done, he supports the workflows that keep employees happy and productive while delivering impact. Impact as the greatest metric of success. Rather than measuring what Hopin has done by valuation and investment numbers (both important aspects of the business), Johnny is most proud of and hones in on impact with a focus on the value Hopin provides our customer. In turn, the business has grown so we can continue to add value for our partners and communities. Customers and employees have really responded to Johnny’s overall mission to make the world feel smaller and more connected.

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