Jonathan Cherki
CEO and Founder



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Jonathan Cherki began his professional career 9 years ago. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of Contentsquare. Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. Its experience analytics platform tracks and visualizes billions of digital behaviors, delivering intelligent recommendations that everyone can use to grow revenue, increase loyalty and fuel innovation.

Cherki graduated from Essec Business School with an undergraduate degree in marketing.



  1. One of Jonathan’s key strengths is marrying vision with execution, and empowering those around him to go beyond themselves and make incredible things happen. Passionate about math and statistics, he grew Contentsquare out of a college assignment, after noticing a gap between the experiences brands thought they were offering and what consumers were actually getting. Inspired by the tech industry and experience market, he and a small team developed a product to help brands create better digital experiences for their customers. Ten years on, Jonathan’s drive, commitment and passion have helped transform this small company into the leading digital experience analytics solution on the market — a global company of 800+ people trusted by 750+ of the world’s biggest brands. The company has recorded exponential growth, fueled by the clarity of its mission and boldness of its vision. In the past year alone, it raised $500M in Series E funding, acquired two companies, launched a foundation to promote digital accessibility, started an incubator/accelerator to support early-stage startups and unveiled three new products as part of its platform strategy. These milestones are a testament to Jonathan’s ability to always look ahead and his uncanny understanding of opportunity. His philosophy that he instills in Contentsquare is to always go beyond oneself; why be good at what you do when you can be the best? He has always had a passion for learning and discovery, and this enthusiasm has pushed Contentsquare towards immense growth that would not be possible with his zealousness. Not only does Jonathan want to grow the company but he also wants everyone who works at Contentsquare to develop their own skills and passions. Building a destination workplace with a strong culture is just as important to Jonathan as creating a high-value product for our customers. From the beginning, he and the executive team have fostered a sense of togetherness built around five shared values of ambition, enthusiasm, uniqueness, create, and team spirit. For example, Contentsquare organizes a Worldwide Kickoff at the beginning of each year, bringing people together across different countries and fostering the team spirit that Jonathan has championed since day one. We are a global company with over 50 nationalities represented, and Jonathan has always found it important to be unified and aligned. This is also represented by how we source our talent; our hiring strategy is not simply to find talent who will fit our culture, but who will add their unique perspective and experience to it. Encouraging transparency is another one of Jonathan’s leadership traits. During the company’s monthly fireside chats, employees are able to anonymously share questions or feedback. He does not shy away from difficult conversations, and he also ensures to communicate important news internally so that everybody, from Asia to North America is aware of any developments in the company. His passion, drive, and transparency are what make Contentsquare so successful and keep it a great place to work. Jonathan celebrates every milestone that Contentsquare has achieved and always encourages and uplifts Contentsquare employees to step into their full potential. Our promise as a brand is to help companies better understand and evolve the customer experience they are providing. Under Jonathan’s leadership, we can continue making a positive change on the industry and evolving our product and our brand towards something that is impactful and visionary to the digital world.

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