Josh McKinney



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  1. Josh McKinney co-founded Ekos in 2014, combining his passion for community, craft breweries, and software development. Over the past seven years, Josh has been responsible for the company’s growth from a tiny start up in a garage to one of Charlotte’s fastest-growing private companies with more than 50 employees. Empathy, compassion, and concern for others are some of Josh’s greatest strengths. He truly cares for his employees and is dedicated to helping them grow their careers at Ekos. He is also committed to our customers and keeps them at the forefront of every company decision. Another core component of Josh’s leadership style is trust and empowerment. He surrounds himself with innovative and talented people who are empowered to lead their teams. While some leaders want to be in the thick of every decision and receive recognition and praise, Josh allows others to step into the spotlight and shine. This approach has lead to some incredible hires across the Ekos leadership team, bringing together executives from other successful software companies in the region to take Ekos to the next level. Finally, Josh is a visionary. The future that Ekos is building is led by Josh and his progressive, inspiring ideas. He understands the industry and the needs of our customers and imagines a future where Ekos can help to solve their greatest challenges. He helps to inspire the company to think big and make bold moves on the path to success and has a clear plan for how these goals will be achieved.

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