Kevin Gosschalk
Founder and CEO
Arkose Labs



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Kevin Gosschalk is the Founder and CEO of Arkose Labs. He first joined the company in 2016 as founder and CEO. Arkose Labs provides fraud prevention, anti-spam, and abuse analysis for businesses, companies, and industries.

Previously, Gosschalk was a founder at SwipeAds and before that an inventor and lead developer at the Queensland University of Technology.

Gosschalk earned an undergraduate degree in interactive entertainment from QUT (Queensland University of Technology).



  1. Kevin Gosschalk is the Founder and CEO of Arkose Labs. Since launching the company in 2017, he has been instrumental in building a suite of fraud and abuse prevention solutions that deliver long term remediation from attacks by breaking the underlying economics behind online fraud. Under Kevin’s leadership, Arkose Labs has raised more than $114 million in venture funding, rapidly scaling its customer base and workforce, transforming the world of digital commerce by working with some of the world’s leading businesses. Prior to founding Arkose Labs he worked in biomedical research where he used machine vision technology for early detection of diabetes. He later developed technology that assisted adults with intellectual differences in social settings. His unique background has enabled him to take this disruptive approach that gamifies fraud prevention.

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