Khaled Naim
Co-Founder & CEO



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Khaled Naim began his professional career 28 years ago. Today, he is the Co-Founder & CEO of Onfleet is a technology company that develops last-mile delivery management software and helps businesses around the globe power their deliveries.

Naim first got his start in 2012.

Naim graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business with an MBA and from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree in computer engineering and economics.



  1. – Strong integrity and sense of right and wrong – Humility and appreciation of the humanity of our employees, customers and any person to who touches are product (e.g. we have thousands of more positive reviews from drivers than any competitor – they trust and appreciate our product) – Engineer’s mindset: attention to detail, appreciation of smart process, consistent focus on high standards so seemingly small, casual problems don’t become big ones – High intelligence and engineering/business educational background that helps guide strategy and frameworks – Commitment to Onfleet’s role as a custodian of Planet Earth, e.g. Onfleet gave away 100% of its delivery software during the pandemic to hospitals, food banks, entities delivering aid/PPE. Onfleet also recently launched Onfleet Offset where we partner with our customers to share in the cost of offsetting our delivery miles.

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