Kyle Sherman
Founder, Chairman and CEO



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Kyle Sherman is the Founder and CEO of Flowhub. A legalization advocate and entrepreneur, Kyle continually defines the company vision, strategy, and growth as Flowhub innovates the way cannabis retailers manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions, and reporting. Kyle brings extensive cannabis industry experience to Flowhub, with previous experience working with notable brands such as Dixie Elixirs, Weedmaps, and Neos Vape Pens as a Chief Compliance Officer. Kyle has been named a Top 100 Cannabis Leader by Entrepreneur Magazine, 30 AND UNDER by Business Insider, and is an Associate Producer for the documentary “Weed the People” which aims to educate mainstream audiences about medical cannabis as a human rights issue.

In 2014, Kyle lobbied the Colorado Department of Revenue to build the Metrc API, which is now the standard used for cannabis tracking in 11 markets. Kyle also serves as a Founding Director and Treasurer on the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) board, an organization focused on building an inclusive industry and passing the STATES Act.



  1. As Founder and CEO of Flowhub, a compliance, inventory management and SaaS point-of-sale software solutions provider for cannabis dispensaries in the U.S., Kyle sits at the intersection of technology and cannabis retail. His goal is to simplify business operations through technology to guide new entrants in the complexities of the cannabis industry, help small businesses and MSOs alike make more informed decisions as they expand their footprints into new states and above all build a robust, scalable industry that is approachable for all adults and medical patients. Kyle continually defines Flowhub’s vision, strategy and growth as the company continues to innovate the way cannabis businesses manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions and reporting. Trusted by 1,000+ retailers in the industry and recommended by state agencies, the Flowhub platform processes more than $3B in cannabis sales annually. In 2014, Kyle began lobbying the Colorado Department of Revenue to build an API to Metrc, the State’s cannabis tracking system, so that third parties like Flowhub could send data directly to the database instead of having to do it manually. Today, this Metrc API is the standard in most legal markets. Kyle is the founding director and treasurer of the Cannabis Trade Federation, which is focused on lobbying for passage of the STATES Act. He’s also the associate producer of Netflix’s popular documentary Weed the People, which seeks to educate the public on the economic and health benefits of ending cannabis prohibition. Kyle is at the heart of the technology innovation that is shaping the cannabis retail business and driving forward the future of legalization and de-stigmatization across the U.S.

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