Larry Gadea
CEO & Founder



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Larry is the CEO and Founder of Envoy, a small, but growing startup based in SOMA in San Francisco, CA. Its focus is to encourage modern engineering and elegant design on often-neglected, yet highly-visible workplace systems. He and colleagues started with its Envoy Visitors product which has transformed front desks around the world, then introduced Envoy Deliveries to ensure packages quickly reach their recipients at work, and now they're expanding into the rest of the workplace. Much like Nest changed the home with elegant products, a whole ecosystem and platform for solving the mundane problems there, Envoy is doing the same for the workplace -- where it's even more important.

Previously, he was at Twitter working on distributed backend systems. He worked on everything from facilitating website updates with the use of BitTorrent in the datacanter, to distributing developer's unit tests amongst hundreds of machines, to reliably storing tweets in a distributed datastore. Near the end of his work at Twitter he was focused on the Growth team, building systems to encourage users to discover more of Twitter and how to use it in new ways.

And before all that, he was in an engineering position at Google. He developed client-side code on Windows, did Java/C++ server backends and finished with mobile development for Android. Having extensive engineering experience in all these environments has helped him tremendously over the years with integration projects and making the right systems design decision.



  1. As the CEO and Founder of workplace technology company Envoy, Larry has led the company in its efforts to make the workplace work better. Under Larry’s leadership, Envoy has improved the workplace experience in nearly 13,000 lobbies across the world, including Slack, Pinterest, Spotify, Nike and American Express. Larry’s key strength is his obsession with fixing the frustrating, clunky things in our daily lives that others often overlook, and delivering delightful experiences. With Envoy, Larry is leading a team that’s building software and solutions that make the workplace better.

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