Laure Fisher
COO & Co-Founder



  • Top Women Leaders 2019


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Laure Fisher has a background in software project management and finance. She oversees the operations of CallTrackingMetrics. From finance, to HR, marketing and customer service, she provides customers and the internal team with the tools and processes they need to be successful. She has 10+ years experience as a management consultant, as well as years in the fashion industry.



  1. Laure’s official title is Co-founder & COO, but at any given moment you might think she is the HR director, providing onboarding training and support. A senior business intelligence analyst, diving deep into data and patterns alongside her team. Or our CFO, driving us towards consistent revenue growth and profitability. Laure’s strengths are driven by her passion for the business and her team. She leads efforts to codify our core values, and lives them out. She’s willing to invest in internal ideas and resources without hesitation when her team brings them to her attention. And when she has an idea, she brings it to the team, because another one of her strengths is leading through empowering. She rarely demands, and always asks. “I’m seeing X, what do you think about doing Y or Z?” She’s obviously brilliant. She built a successful, multi-million dollar SaaS company with her husband. She’s shrewd and strategic. She’s unwilling to sacrifice long-term success for short-term wins. She’s kind and personable. She’s always one of the first to publicly acknowledge kudos for individual contributors, or organize baby showers for employees. She’s loyal. She calls her team her family and backs it up when faced with challenges or wins. She is transparent. Laure’s team works towards the same goals, because she lets them in to strategic decisions and the data behind them, including revenue numbers often tightly held in other organization. Laure is someone me, or anyone on my team, could write about for a very long time without running out of strengths to list.

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