Lindsay Tjepkema
CEO & Co-Founder



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Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO & Co-Founder of Casted. She first joined the company in 2019 as CEO & co-founder. Casted is the first audio and video content marketing platform for enterprise brands.

Previously, Tjepkema was a VP of brand and content at Emarsys and before that a president & owner at Blueprint Marketing. Earlier in her career she worked with Southwest Michigan First as an associate vice president & director of communication.

Tjepkema earned an MS in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and an undergraduate degree in communications, public relations and marketing from Western Michigan University.



  1. For Lindsay Tjepkema, this all comes naturally, especially her passion for podcasting, which made her the perfect person to start and run Casted. But while Casted is the company we know her for most recently, it’s not her first foray into entrepreneurship. In fact, she’s started not one, but two successful marketing companies in her life. A dynamic leader who’s had tremendous success building and growing marketing teams on both local and global levels, Lindsay has more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, including agency roles, leading brand marketing teams, and even founding and running her own consulting agency. In late 2012, with a young son and twins on the way, Lindsay started Blueprint Marketing on the side as she was also serving as a Marketing Director at a boutique app development agency. By 2014, she left that job to run Blueprint Marketing full-time. She found a niche working alongside established marketing agencies to create and execute strategies that integrated brand, content, digital marketing, and client experiences. She grew Blueprint Marketing to include notable clients like LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn FinTech Solutions, CDW, Cummins Allison, as well as many small businesses across the country. But as Lindsay saw her company quickly double in size, she found herself yearning for the collaboration that comes from being part of a bigger team. So, she joined Indianapolis digital marketing agency, Relevance (formerly Slingshot), in 2015. There, she led content strategy and promotional efforts for enterprise clients like L’Oreal, Intel, OfficeDepot, Vistaprint, Ashley Furniture, and Humana. When Relevance abruptly and quite publicly closed its doors in 2016, Lindsay advocated for the agency’s employees impacted by the closure. Meanwhile, she turned that adversity into an opportunity to move from agency life back into the corporate side of B2B by joining global SaaS enterprise, Emarsys, as Global Head of Content. There, Lindsay was brought in to create, launch, and grow the company’s global content strategy. After launching a branded podcast as a central hub of that strategy, Lindsay quickly saw the incredible opportunity that podcasting presents for B2B marketing. She also saw a huge gap in the market where there was no software to help those marketers harness it. The podcasting technology available wasn’t suited for marketing leaders and teams like hers. Instead, podcasting tools were created to meet the needs of hobbyists or influencer-types who have very different podcasting strategies and measures of success than those of a B2B brand. Lindsay saw that with listenership growing exponentially year after year, podcasting presented an incredible opportunity for marketers to reach their audiences in richer, more meaningful ways. She also saw, however, a surprising lack of podcast solutions for marketers, which made it incredibly difficult and cumbersome to capitalize on podcasting as an effective B2B marketing channel. So, Lindsay set out to change that. This conviction led Lindsay to start Casted – to help marketers unlock the full potential of their content by harnessing the power of podcasting. Lindsay set out to deliver the platform that would unlock podcasting as a powerful B2B marketing channel. After bringing on two co-founders, Zachary Ballenger and Adam Patarino, Lindsay and her new small-but-mighty team began to build a platform that would make immediate waves in the marketing community. Since founding Casted, Lindsay’s leadership has brought Casted tremendous success. Her first round of fundraising brought in a $2.35 million in Seed capital for the company. In addition, she’s overseen the business as it has more than doubled the size of its team in the last year, increased revenue by nearly 500%, and tripled its customer base to include market leaders like Salesforce, OpenView, Terminus, ZoomInfo, and Sumo Logic. Lindsay’s vision for the company goes far beyond simply solving a problem for marketers today. She has every intention of growing Casted into a category leader and introducing the next generation of content marketing. She has the conviction and passion to do it, and with the unfair advantage she has had in building a team and a company here in Indianapolis, where talent is rich and martech is in our DNA, she’s uniquely positioned to do it.

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  2. Lindsay Tjepkema is a visionary leader in the tech industry and her drive, passion, and vision for building solutions, tools, and teams is unmatched. She approaches her work at Casted with passion, commitment, and lots of pragmatism. Casted’s offering is not a “better mousetrap” – it’s a new category, which requires Lindsay to simultaneously educate, inspire, and engage her market, and she does it with conviction and skill. Lindsay’s leadership of the business has led Casted to exponential growth. Her fundraising brought in $2.35 million in Seed funding and $7 million in Series A. In addition, she’s overseen the business as it has more than doubled the size of the team in the last year, increased revenue by nearly 500%, and tripled its customer base to include market leaders like Salesforce, OpenView, ZoomInfo, Terminus, and Sumo Logic.

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