Marie Boivent
SVP of Global Revenue
Marin Software



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Marie Boivent began her professional career 15 years ago. Today, she is the SVP of Global Revenue of Marin Software. Marin Software Incorporated provides a leading cross-channel performance advertising platform used by advertisers and agencies.

Boivent first got her start in 2006 as a senior PPC manager team lead at Clicks2Customers. From there, she went on to DBD Media, before eventually rising to SEM account manager at SEO Express, her most recent position prior to joining Marin Software.

Boivent graduated from Université Catholique de l’Ouest with a master’s degree in linguistic and from Universität Wien with an undergraduate degree in linguistics, literature and translation.



  1. Marie excels at keeping our customer’s happy while supporting the wellbeing and effectiveness of a globally distributed sales and customer success team. Her empathy and ability to connect with people ensures that we are able to deeply understand customer needs and deliver the right solution for our customers. She is able to support her team addresses any challenges our account are having. In addition to her day job, she is leading our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, including volunteering her own time to help organizations benefitting under represented groups in the communities where Marin has offices, including DivInc serving the Austin area. And of course juggling multiple responsibilities a requirement in her role, but she also makes time to be a loving mother to her two young children.

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