Mario Vuksan
Founder and CEO



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  1. Diverse – Mario double majored in art history and mathematics. He applied his art background to computer science and development. He understood art patterns told a cultural narrative, and saw similarities in the way threat actors can also tell a story through their attack patterns. Having a diverse educational background allowed him to think about the security detection and analysis problem differently. Innovative – Mario had a vision to go beyond traditional threat intelligence and malware analysis. He was able to develop a platform that not only stores the largest set of goodware and malware in the industry, but that also delivers the fastest detection of new malware, with unparalleled context decision making. All while serving both the SOC and Application Security teams. Resilient – Growing up in Croatia, and living through the Yugoslav wars, instilled a never quit attitude in Mario, which has resulted in a top SaaS Cyber Security company serving some of the largest enterprises and governments in the world. Mario has been resilient in all aspects of life overcoming barriers and adapting when they present themselves.

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