Mark Douglas



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Mark Douglas is the president and CEO of LCPtracker, Inc., a privately-held company providing cloud-based software services for construction compliance and workforce development. His vision for LCPtracker is to empower people to build better communities, and this begins with his company’s flagship product, which helps government agencies and contractors maintain and enforce prevailing wage provisions for state, local, and federal law.

Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Central Michigan University. After college, he jumped right into the professional world and quickly grew a record of success building startup companies before founding LCPtracker.



  1. Visionary with a passion for helping those in need. Mark Douglas has a grand vision of starting a revolution in the construction industry to eradicate poverty through the use of his software.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  2. Mark has tremendous vision and is great at coming up with new ideas to improve our business. He is open-minded towards others and value’s everyone’s input.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  3. personable and has a huge heart for helping people (poor no more campaign, to end poverty)

    NA, submitted on

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