Marne Martin
President IFS Service Management



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Marne Martin is the President Service Management at IFS. Previously, she was the CEO of WorkWave, which provides comprehensive field service management solutions. She was recruited to the CEO position in 2018 bringing with her deep expertise in field service management and leading organizations. Previously, she was the CEO of ServicePower, which she restructured as a public company and for which she proceeded to improve operations. She then led the company through a take private and doubled bookings growth thus accelerating SaaS recognized revenue.

In the early 2000s, Marne helped lead a venture capital / private equity firm, where her primary responsibility was serving as President and Board Member of Digicel Holdings, a mobile telecommunications firm. Marne earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Purdue University.



  1. Marne Martin was brought on board to both WorkWave and IFS in August 2018 based on her experience leading high-growth and expansion phases in both publicly and privately held companies. As the CEO of WorkWave, a SaaS software company serving field service businesses of all sizes, she has the strong leadership skills and experience required to propel the company into its next stages of growth and market expansion. Under Marne’s leadership, EBITDA has significantly increased and investment in product has become a top priority. One of her major strengths is her ability to see the “big picture” when it comes to the future of a company and an industry. She is able to effectively see where the SaaS and field service industries are moving, and therefore is able to make the right informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition and ahead of customers’ needs. While her business-oriented mind helps her powerfully lead WorkWave effectively, her passion for learning and development allows her to be a mentor to others within the company, as well as an advocate for STEM education for girls and women.

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