Matan Or-El
Co-Founder & CEO



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Matan Or-El is the Co-Founder & CEO of Panorays. Panorays is a rapidly growing provider of third-party security risk management software, offered as a SaaS-based platform. Panorays manages the whole process from inherent to residual risk, remediation and ongoing monitoring. Or-El has 19 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 2002.

Before joining Panorays, Or-El was a R&D platform and infrastructure team leader at Imperva and before that a co-founder and CEO at Mikarov. Earlier in his career he worked with IAF as a senior unix, linux, storage system IT & development administrator.

Or-El graduated from Diablo Valley College with an MBA and from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo with an undergraduate degree in computer engineering.



  1. Matan is a dedicated leader passionate about the strength of the team and the direction of the company. He has worked tirelessly to position Panorays as the top choice for security professionals needing to secure their digital supply chain while hiring some of the top minds in the business. Even while juggling internal and external responsibilities, Matan has put Panorays on the map, and for that, he is to be commended.

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