Mikita Mikado
CEO & Co-Founder


Overall Rank: 6

Top SaaS CEOs 2020


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Mikita Mikado is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PandaDoc a provider of all-in-one software to create, deliver and e-sign quotes, proposals, contracts and other sales collateral. The idea began with Mikado in 2011, when one night, he spent six hours designing a business proposal. Frustrated, he turned to Sergey Barysiuk for a solution and together the two established PandaDoc. Today, the company empowers sellers to easily interact and build meaningful relationships with customers. Mikado is known to leverage his success to help those around him learn, grow and succeed. And it’s this tenacity that has helped transform PandaDoc into a global leader in document automation software. Most recently, Mikado spearheaded the Project Picasso Initiative, a 60-day free RevOps Training program created to counter the COVID-19 unemployment rate. For this initiative, he brought together a group of RevOps professionals and taught 33 students everything they needed to know to jump-start a career in Revenue operations. As an entrepreneur, executive and former engineer, Mikado lives, breathes, and advocates for running self-sustaining companies in technology. Before PandaDoc, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Quote Roller, as well as the CEO of Coding Staff.




  1. I’ve never worked for a leader that talks the talk AND walks the walk. Mikita is one of the most passionate leaders I’ve met and truly cares about his product and his employees. He keep the greater good in mind and has a wonderful moral compass (PandaDoc is paperless = good for environment, launched free e-sign platform to help small business get through COVID). He consistently is checking in on the mental/physical health of his employees. He gave us a stipend to set up our home office after COVID hit, and gave the whole company an additional day off (Separate of our PTO) when he felt we all needed a break from working so hard during a pandemic and socially/politically trying time for our country. These are just two of countless actions that Mikita takes to ensure he builds a great culture for us to work in. On top of that he makes really sound financial decisions that leave every employee feeling well compensated and financially stable through the ups and downs of the economy, all while successfully growing the company financially.

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  2. Wow, what can’t I say about Mikita? I’ve been lucky enough to see Mikita throughout many stages at PandaDoc and the change he’s been able to make in order for us to continue to grow is amazing. He’s really taken step back in the best way possible. He used to get too bogged down with the day to day but when he put the decision making abilities and trust in the people he hired you could see him flourish along with the company. I also love how humble he is. He takes pride in where he came from, how long it has taken him to get there and puts that into everything he does. I cannot recommend Mikita for this award enough.

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